Drainage pipeline

Drainage materials

The market of drainage materials is various: in various regions the various offer and various quality of products. But, at preparatory scheduling (weeks for two) though what material can be delivered to the customer directly into place for a moderate payment.

In other words, it is not necessary to use materials of low property if it is possible to receive though what necessary element, having made only one phone Continue reading

Upclassing of the suburban house. Dry closets – the 2nd part

Upclassing of the suburban house. Dry closets - the 2nd part
Modern dry closets perfectly are suitable for the suburban house. Unlike ordinary giving, the house is more intended for joint rest with friends or relatives. You only present for itself: the nature, trees, florets, a smell light up, shish kebabs and a laughter of your dear people. All this very much pulls together, in particular when a yard careful, well-groomed and owners benevolent. Well, and if you are going to live in the suburban Continue reading

Bathroom equipment, worthy palace boudoirs

Bathroom equipment, worthy palace boudoirs
The SBORDONI company is engaged in creation of the sanitary equipment more than 100 years. And its production by right uses bolshushchy demand, and the main thing love of consumers. Also it is not so grandiloquent words – the one who though time saw products of the Italian masters, the ordinary sanitary equipment in any way them does not call. This true work of art, masterpieces, worthy to be in toilet rooms of palaces, smart cottages and Continue reading

Shutoff valves

That ordinary consumers got used to call "cranes", specialists in this area call shutoff water valves. The shutoff water valves can intend for water supply systems of various mission (production, economic and drinking, fire-prevention). It is established in the main thing on all branches from the main water supply systems, also at the basis of water struts in buildings and on branches to each apartment. Very comfortably to have separate Continue reading

With – broke … a bathroom!

With - broke … a bathroom!
Italian Carlo Dahl Byanko is not only only outstanding designer and the architect and the master of creation of a different home decoration who thanks to clearness and simplicity of own lines can as it is possible to show beauty of forms of created subjects better.

In own nedavneshny collection of bathroom equipment for a bathroom of "Warp" which he developed for the Rexa Design company the designer did not depart from own habits, Continue reading

Country ditch the hands

Owners of country sites face discrepancy of utilization of the goods of activity. Usually, the solution of a question does not arrange with a method of construction of a wood toilet as it not only only not esthetically and does not help out from opposite smells many.

In such cases it is possible to use the next ways:
1. Cesspool construction;
2. Introduction of station of bio cleaning.
Both these option take place to be. At a choice the Continue reading

Introduction of a polyethylene fitting

Polyethylene fitting lets out from cellophane of low pressure (or PND). They intend for installation of the polyethylene pipeline though what size or mission. They are diverse in a form, are extensively used in different engineering networks, gazo-and petrohighways, also irrigating systems. Introduction of a polyethylene fitting allows firmly and it is simple to join some parts of communications at once, to do branches of engineering networks, Continue reading

Fitting – a basic element of the pipeline

The pipeline – a basic element in giving of water supply, the gas pipeline and other necessary types of life support, therefore very essentially that installation of pipes of such constructions it was carried out firmly and strong, without neglect to quality and durability of a material, directly to small connencting of details.

Such parts of the pipeline also is a fitting, – the iron details applied at installation or installation of pipes, Continue reading

Sink + toilet bowl = pure esthetics and anything excessive

Sink + toilet bowl = pure esthetics and anything excessive
If earlier for interior design of a bathroom it was necessary to "run about" rather, looking for subjects of the equipment suitable on style, now this discrepancy absolutely "sank into oblivion". And all thanks to that many producers include in the beginning in the collections everything, the necessary subjects for a bathroom.

One of such "convenient" collections can call one of the last collections of the Continue reading

Complex for a bathroom: sink, fireplace, bath of

The bath standing separately from other sanitary equipment – it is far not a novelty, and anything unusual itself does not represent. But if this bath to place in the center of a wide platform on which sides the sink and shower installation are located, absolutely brand new, unique model will turn out. The thought of so unusual project was developed by designers of AL Studio studio specially for the Italian brand of Antonio Lupi and received Continue reading