Water for life

In a previous series of articles we dealt with air. Air is essentially, but it not the unique resource which provides to us harmless and comfortable life. Is more basic for us and water. Moreover, under this term absolutely various objects can hide. Naturally, water always remains water, but requirements to its characteristics change.

Water for life

Fig. 1. The filter for water.

Everything is in dependence from how we are going to use this water. Naturally, it is possible to prepare drinking water, and to use it later for all household needs. It so, that not заморачиваться. In fact, it is far not the best exit. There is not enough of that our costs for preparation of that water can be unjustified. Truly, we for consumption inside need usually less than 50-100 l of water. And now present that the family arranged bathing day, then a consumption of water will be estimated in cubes.
There is also other judgment. It is possible to clear very much water, in the distilled water there will be no impurity. But whether there will be a utility from that water? Still it is possible to realize, when such water preparation becomes for heating system. But even to drink such water it is harmful quicker, than it is useful. On the other hand, moderately mineralized water which comes nearer to good characteristics drinking, can seriously complicate operation of heating and other equipment.
I remember ridiculous history. When I asked the representative of Vodokanal, they delivered hot water with combined heat and power plant, about its high-quality parameters. My motive was simple, we wash that water the dishes, teeth we clean, therefore, such water gets to our organism. The representative of a water canal waved on me hands. «No, no, no, water, as drinking it is impossible to use this techno».

Fig. 2. Boiler.

Therefore, rational introduction of water is separate. We should consider its appointment. Then to find volume and demanded characteristics on each group. Well and already later, development and the equipment which allows to achieve suitable standards steals up. It is necessary to emphasize, as sources of water it is possible to use the various. It not only only reduces costs and allows to organize rational introduction of resources. Save up the nature!
Continuation follows …

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