Types of a drainage

Types of a drainage
Dot small stones.

Dot small stones serves for collecting and assignment of rain and thawed snow from a certain place. This system includes:

– water waste a trench and the drainpipes protecting roofs and walls of constructions from dampness and zapyatanny потеков;

– dozhdepriyemnik – devices for local collecting the waters which are mounting under drainpipes, watering cranes and before an entrance door. Modern pridverny dozhdepriyemnik are equipped with a special lattice, comfortable for removal from soles of footwear stuck to it грязищи. In dozhdepriyemnik there is a filter detaining garbage.

Superficial (linear) small stones.

Linear small stones it is comfortable for collecting and assignment of surpluses of water from a site occupying the huge space. The system of superficial water removal does not ask such costs at installation and service as storm sewerages and in almost all cases completely can change it. For work of linear drainage system it is necessary to make an inclination towards a drain on both parties from it. Into structure of a linear drainage enter:

Types of a drainage
– trays with metal lattices or without them. The main technical lines of trenches is their capacity outright depending on width of hydraulic section (mm) and loading (kN) which can sustain a material. Trays are tightly joined together grooving шпунтовым by connection, forming a line of trenches. There is a possibility of connection of trays at right angle;

– the sand traps, protecting a trench from a silting.

– dozhdepriyemny wells, from time to time together with a settler.

Deep small stones.

Types of a drainage
The system of a deep drainage allows to lower level of ground waters and to take away excessive liquid. For an embodiment of this problem are used:

– drains – the punched pipes from the modern materials which goffered form, allows to maintain pressure of soil. Drains keep within underground according to the certain scheme depending on a relief and the size of a site;

– Viewing drainage wells allow to look behind a condition of system and to wash out it at a contamination. Wells on connections of drainage pipes take place;

– The Vodopriimny well is an ending link of system of a deep drainage, specifically all water after that it can be used for watering there is taken away, or to take away abroad a site or in the bottom soil layers with quite good speed of a filtration by means of a soaking-up well.

– Pumps are necessary for this purpose as required to pump out water from drainage wells.

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