At first there was … a water

At arrangement of the suburban house it is necessary to place values. For a start we will be defined, whether there is a gas and light in your mansion if yes, that it is necessary to learn a question of availability of water (water in a well as you realize, is not an example conveniences of life in the suburban house). It follows from this that all conveniences, including water, should be specifically in the house. Option – to bring it in buckets from a well. Whereas it is connected with the concept "convenience"? But how to reach that water arrived in the house, instead of in a well in addition the burning? And again – it is elementary"! How water appears in cranes of our apartments? The answer is clear – through pipes. Whereas water appears in pipes? For creation of city room comfort in the suburban house it is the most rather cheap and suitable option. If you are engaged in construction of own house (in other words did not get its ready), the place in the base where there will pass the line from a well in a yard to the pipes placed in the house follows обмыслить everything, including. This highway it is necessary to arrange slightly below a vymerzaniye point (figure for Moscow area corresponds 1,4 m) after that in the house to allocate a place in what it would be possible to arrange the station.

Submitting the pump, the hydrostorage tank and automatic equipment – here of what consists present standard pump station. Overwhelming number of stations which besides that work longer, least шумны, but also appear steady from the technical point of view to quite dirty water at what by all means there are grains of sand and a suspension, have metal the case and the driving wheel.

At first there was … a water
To count power efficiency of station it is possible differently, here one of such examples: the two-floor house (rising of water is approximately equal 4 m), having three point of water analysis, at all this a fence of water occurs at level of 4 m underground (if at all this we take standard depth of a fence of wells), for the greatest pressure the figure will make about 40 m. For comparison, pressure of water is equal in city networks of 2,5 atm, it follows from this that the pressure calculated by us, completely can provide convenience in water supply system operation in the suburban house. You completely can be engaged in installation of pump station, without appealing to the help of the specialist, why to be useful to you only the prosty tool kit and, actually, your hands.

Well – other version of the solution of troubles with water inflow in the country house if you do not like the inconveniences connected with water inflow from a well: a small reserve of water in a well, poor quality of postupayemy water, big water analysis and shortage of postupayemy water on all members of the family. Invariable and uninterrupted water inflow – here one of the main trumps of the well, outweighing even quite significant currency wastes when digging a well both its forthcoming device and connection to the house. The it is more that the upclassing of a well can be made cheaper if to divide costs with neighbors and to carry out water to your houses together, at all this remember that well drilling – quite severe business, to do which people specially trained in it should. Do not forget to check the certificate or the license for drilling of wells at the company where are going to order this service that, allows firm to give guarantees for the executed works; it is curious that on an artesian well the guarantee stands out for 30 years. Other moment on which by all means it is necessary to direct attention at an organization choice, – reliability of the skvazhinny pump, after all if will occur its breakage, costs (not including total absence of water), connected with its substitution can reach number which you paid for its purchase and installation. For example, the skvazhinny pumps GRUNDFOS of the SQE type own adjustable giving by means of which you (or you and your neighbors) in own crane have a quite good pressure which that fact if you open all cranes cannot even influence.

At first there was … a water
Discrepancy of water inflow is decided, what further? A real rarity including for our apartments, not to mention suburban water supply, is spotless and myagenky water. That in your cranes spotless water, it ran, respectively, it is necessary to clear. To promote in it the special installation including some filters being in certain sequence will manage, specifically such installations are capable to neutralize mechanical impurity, salts of iron, calcium and magnesium.

The durability of present clearing installations, also their ability to provide a large quantity of «water needs» you and all members of household, will serve as the strongest trump against their highest price. The structure of certain stations includes also so called dosing pumps capable without the aid of others to regulate consumption of expensive reagents. And in this case at installation we recommend to you to address for experts. If to associate stations of Russian production with zabugorny analogs, for example, NPO KONVERSIYA, they are not more awful in any way western, at all this their prices in times differ – respectively, Russian is cheaper.

To open the crane – here all that it is necessary for this purpose to use the latest station established at your dacha.

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