Based on mixers of Japanese ceremony of tea drinking

Based on mixers of Japanese ceremony of tea drinking
Not so long since the Kohler company let out the newest collection of Silkweave mixers which entices attention, both the constructive decision, and marvelous design.

It not ordinary "boring" cranes which except own direct mission, anything else are inconspicuous. For new Silkweave cranes designers of the company invented also absolutely extraordinary form for this equipment, and excellent design.

Based on mixers of Japanese ceremony of tea drinking
«The nouse at the mixer very much remembers small чайничек as those magnificent bagatelles, which inhabitants of the country of a rising sun use in classical ceremony of tea drinking. Thus the form at teapots cranes can in various models the various. At certain – round and thickset, at others – the highest, as at a coffee pot. And here "list" of new Silkweave mixers is cast by motives of distinguished drawings on the most delicate Japanese silk where thin threads of greenish, blue and snow-white color being weaved, form a unique ornament.

Besides you will not hear sonorous splash of water which will follow from the mixer. The water stream here flows very quietly, as though from murmuring decorative falls in a fantastic Japanese garden.

Cost of the new Silkweave mixer – about 34 thousand roubles.

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