Bath canyon: classics of the future of

Bath canyon: classics of the future of
Creation of new models of traditional iron baths, maybe, also does not undergo cardinal configurations, but certain nuances in a design of such products after all change. If more attentively to get accustomed to the newest bath of "Cayono" which has been let out not so long ago by one eminent trademark, improvements and innovations in its design become visible more than clearly. As the producer declared, the model of a bath of "Cayono" is a classics of next day and, not including that, in it all probable aspects for ensuring the greatest comfort of use are considered.

What founders of a bath of "Cayono" contemplate classics of the future? In – 1-x, this ideal quality of a product, in – 2-x, application in production of supertechnological materials, in – 3-x, the classic methods interfaced to new standards.

Bath canyon: classics of the future of
So, the brand new bath is made of the qualitative enameled steel in width of 3,5 mm with a special "pearl" covering. It provides not only only durability of a product and preservation of its ideal external shape for long time. Besides, the surface of a bath differs the overestimated stability to mechanical damages, scratches and chips, provides a uniform rassredotachivaniye of heat, differs the overestimated environmental friendliness and a gigiyenichnost.

The rectangular bed of a bath of "Cayono" quite extensive for this purpose that, standing in the bath, to the person was comfortable to take a shower. It is natural to provide safety of the user, the bottom of the latest bath was covered with a special antisliding covering of Antislip which almost absolutely incorporates to the main covering of the equipment, without breaking subjects of its esthetics. Not including that, in this project there are no additional details which could deliver inconvenience at acceptance by the user of a shower.

The brand new model of a bath of "Cayono", this ┬źclassics of tomorrow┬╗, is issued in several options of the sizes of 50×70 cm, 160×70 cm, 170×70 cm, 170×75 cm and 180×80 cm that gives the chance to establish them both in malekhanky bathrooms, and in spacious rooms.

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