Brand new bath: new feelings with new design of

Time of Russian metal baths already passed, to them more modern standards come to replacement for the equipment of bathrooms. One of the improved samples of bathroom equipment is the bath of Biove which differs unique, rather multipurpose rectangular shape that allows it to be located in any room which has been taken away for acceptances of a shower.

The pig-iron product of the latest design has a certainBrand new bath: new feelings with new design of
form of lines and corners thanks to application of technology of a know-how of Jacob Delafon. A capacious product for the bathing, which capacity of 196 l., rather extensive and comfortable. Corners of a bath of the developed type do feeling of visual expansion of a place.

The Biove model is rather popular in the equipment market for bathrooms at first because of own comfortable dimensions – 170 on 75 cm at depth in 450 mm. In such font it is possible to lay down freely absolutely, having straightened feet and to take pleasure from warm water and the cozy atmosphere. At desire, it is possible доукомплектовать a bath a myagonky pillow.

This very necessary subject for a bathroom connects in itself originality of style and a krepkost of a metal material – in durability of model of a bath it is possible not to hesitate. The interior of a room will replenish with a fascinating creative detail.

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