Cesspool the hands

The cesspool can be 2 types – pressurized and soaking up. In the first case after excavation of a hole of its wall and the bottom are filled in with concrete or give all the best factory special concrete rings which are capable to hold water infiltration. In this case all sewage keeps in a cesspool and after its filling is extorted by assenizatorsky car.

In the 2nd case, at arrangement of a soaking-up cesspool, its wall it is possible to fix actually though what improvised materials. But the vykladyvaniye of walls of a hole the most ordinary reddish brick will be the most optimum decision. The laying should be conducted such makary that end faces of a brick did not adjoin to each other very tightly, and between them there was a gap approximately 5см. Such laying firmly will strengthen walls from an osypaniye, and through gaps the part of water will be absorbed in soil.

Cesspool the hands
From above the hole is locked by a concrete plate, in what predvideno an air opening and the hatch for pumping out. And now some practical advice on a cesspool arrangement.

At first, before digging a cesspool, it is necessary to learn on what depth there lie underground waters, also as very much they can rise. To make it it is very necessary, because the law prohibits to equip cesspools on sites, where a zaleganiye of underground waters least the 2nd meters. It is also forbidden to equip cesspools near a source of drinking water.

To have a cesspool it is recommended not closer than 5 meters from the house. When scoping it is most ideal to be guided by capacity of the assenizatorsky car. It is necessary to learn, how many for one arrival it can pump out. Proceeding from it, also it is necessary to count hole volume, in other words to make it multiple to this indicator. For example, if in the car holds 4м3 waters, and it is necessary to do a hole by volume 4м3 or 8м3 or 12м3 it is etc. dependent on requirements. It will allow not to overpay for a cesspool vykachka because the assenizatorsky car will be always loaded absolutely.

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