Modern faecal submersible pumps of the German production

Modern pogruzhny the faecal pump serves for lifting of different liquids from a deep water, also it at a certain improvement is applied to lifting of liquids in what gases can be dissolved. There are two main types of that deposit it respectively shtangovy and bezshtangovy pumps which differ temper of the respective motor. Area of introduction of such pumps quite wide they also are used as for removal of faecal waters, at oil production and the necessary minerals, and at water supply, in irrigating systems and for pumping of the hydrocarbonic liquefied gases. In the middle of different recognizable producers of faecal pumps it is necessary to allocate, at first, very recognizable brand from Germany under the title of HOMA which is the world favourite by production of that type of pumps and the respective equipment.

Now the submersible faecal pumps HOMA have a big range of introduction from pumps for water supply, submersible faecal pumps to pumps of drainage works used for carrying out on production and in construction. The sewer faecal pumps made by the HOMA company, now are used both in the production sphere, and for frequency use. The main function of such pumps this perekachivaniye of dirty waters and they perfectly are suitable for waste, soil and for other waters containing excrements. Pumps have cutting special mechanism for processing of excrements, on it in the pipeline of the sewerage it is possible to use pipes with a small diameter. The faecal modern pumps HOMA comprise cutting integrated unique knives which serve for crushing of rigid particles and fibers, also other faecal inclusions.

Make the pumps HOMA of grayish cast iron, on it service life of this equipment essentially increases, their dimensions very small that allows them to work in all adverse criteria. Now the faecal pumps HOMA are on sale for various introduction, they happen stationary type and mobile. By production of these pumps the German producer takes a leading place in the middle of other global producers of that device, in other words this equipment is one of the best now. The faecal pump has a high-economic cursor that provides continuous effective work of pump sewer station. The equipment has a wide choice of a control system and control, is capable to create the most powerful effective pressure and even big lumps грязищи are crushed by it for only a few seconds.

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