Comparison of iron, copper pipes of

Modern water supply systems all are more often established from polipropilenovy pipes, but, nevertheless, the pipe iron is in demand, besides there are certain service conditions at which application only them is necessary. That type of these products can provide an additional krepkost to all pipeline.

Despite of the highest конкурентнсть from polypropylene, it is possible to allocate the main pluses of iron pipes. It is the low price, on comparison to other materials; they are quite high-strength, that them it was possible to be used in the high-pressure head highway; if to make high-quality installation, this product long time will keep density in heating system. Iron pipes own low temperature factor of expansion and the highest stability to explosive pressure.

But is at iron pipes and negative lines about which it is necessary to hold always in the head at production choice. From long contact to water on them corrosion therefore term of operation of pipeline system is essentially reduced can be created. Because the internal surface does not possess faultless smoothness and has various small damages, it leads to that capacity of the pipeline goes down.

Iron pipes rather heavy therefore at big length pipeline installation essentially becomes complicated. From outer side there can be a condensate therefore it needs to be isolated. If in a water supply system there will be wandering currents, they evenly will start to collapse. At iron pipes weak stability to the brutal environment, and at them absolutely is absent plasticity. If in it water freezes, it leads to its gap. These products do not need to be bent at installation therefore to have to use many connecting parts. And on welded connections there is a corrosion and there is a possibility of emergence of a stopper.

To overcome negative characteristics of iron pipes, the pipe from copper was developed. The pipe copper quite flexible, in it can freeze liquid and it will not lead to a rupture of a surface. Because it possesses the highest durability, it can be used at various working pressure and temperature modes. It possesses small weight, on comparison to iron analog. The internal surface of copper pipes more smooth, than at iron, their smoothness even surpasses polyethylene pipes. Therefore in it various outgrowths are not formed, and hydraulic resistance is miniaturized.

In copper pipes there are no oxidizing processes and organic films are not formed. They are quite easily established and iron pipes own huge term of operation, than. Copper pipes are suitable Starenkye for melting and production of the latest production from copper. Their most major negative factor is their highest cost therefore customers are rather quite often released from their use and choose cheap iron pipes.

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