Country ditch the hands

Owners of country sites face discrepancy of utilization of the goods of activity. Usually, the solution of a question does not arrange with a method of construction of a wood toilet as it not only only not esthetically and does not help out from opposite smells many.

In such cases it is possible to use the next ways:
1. Cesspool construction;
2. Introduction of station of bio cleaning.
Both these option take place to be. At a choice the sum which you are ready to expend on this system and time of accommodation in the suburban house has major importance. If giving is used, only on days off, the cesspool completely will cope with a task.

This way essentially more economically and a country ditch of that type is rather easily established by own efforts. So, to make a cesspool to you it is necessary to execute the subsequent acts:

1. First it is necessary to choose construction sites, having chosen one of 2 options:
• A hole it is possible to arrange nearby to the house by all means on site border. It is required for this purpose that the assenizatorsky car had a free access road as required, doing not call in at all this on the site district. And if the house is placed on border, you will essentially save on pipes;
• In the 2nd case the hole is arranged at distance from a lodge, but at all this it is necessary to lay a large quantity of pipes and to foresee options of an entrance of the car for pumping of a waste.
Sewerage construction purposefully only in the presence of a water supply system, a toilet, a shower and kitchen. In an unpleasant case it is possible to manage more usual system.

2. After place definition, it is possible to begin installation. The size of a dug-out hole is in dependence from number of members of the family, stay time at a dacha and volume of used water;

3. Cause cesspool type. Their of everything two:
• A hole without a bottom. In other words all watery sewage will be absorbed in soil. It is necessary to consider, what the device of such holes illegally at volume of drains more than 1 m? in 24 hours. Despite of that that method essentially more simply, it categorically does not approach if ground waters are placed close to a surface, on another all sewage will get there. Not including it the hole without a bottom is not suitable for invariable use and it fill up in process of filling. It is not suitable for a country site. The opposite smell moreover extends.
• the 2nd option of cesspools are holes with the arranged bottom and a full waterproofing. This construction will add not much more problems which completely will come true advantages of a tight drain.

Giving during the summer period is a place, where hunting to have a rest from languid working everyday life and city bustle therefore it is necessary to make everything that this time was spent with the greatest comfort and conveniences.

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