Drainage сиситема. Cleaning of drains

Drainage сиситема. Cleaning of drains
Need of cleaning of sewage appears in 2 cases: if they flow down from the district of plant or parkings, or contain a household waste as it often happens in drainage systems of mansions.

More economical and usual clearing construction considered a septic tank. The working part of the device represents the biofilter – the capacity filled with layers of porous materials (coke, shungizity, keramzity), filtering big parts. Not including that, by means of biofilms the bacteria splitting organic substances and cleaning sewage are brought in the filter. Bio cleaning proceeds in the presence of oxygen therefore the septic tank is provided with ventilating openings for its access more effectively. Compulsory aeration with introduction of the compressor allows to reach more the deepest extent of cleaning, but does a septic tank dependent on electronic energy and increases expenses of the owner.

From time to time the biofilter is necessary for washing out, it will protect it from a silting. The device has limited term of operation on which expiration it is necessary to establish the new biofilter in a septic tank.

The septic tank with compulsory aeration does not ask additional soil cleaning of drains whereas the drains which have passed through an ordinary septic tank in it need. For coming cleaning of drains and an additional filtration usually use soaking-up ability of the earth.

It is accepted to distinguish designs on naturally filtering soils (fields of an underground filtration and filtering wells) and artificially filtering soil (sand-gravel filters and filtering trenches).

Utilization of drains.

Drainage сиситема. Cleaning of drains
In low-floor construction quite often there is a discrepancy of utilization of drains, as volume in a l hundred part. waters in day essentially are surpassed by quantity necessary for a site irrigation.

There are two methods of the solution of this question. the 1st – to study geological characteristics of own site, having drilled some wells. If sand or other soil with the highest factor of a filtration is found, specifically there it will be necessary to take away superfluous water, in this case the price of filtering devices essentially will decrease.

The 2nd method is suitable for sites with water-proof soil and means dumping of the cleared drains in ravines and fire-prevention reservoirs. In the absence of suitable places, it is necessary to construct together with neighbors a by-pass ditch abroad settlements or to create an artificial pond.

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