Drainage systems. Ordering and device

Drainage systems. Ordering and device
On orientation in space allocate the vertical, horizontal and combined drainage systems.

Vertical water taking away designs can be executed in the 3rd options:

– Wells with the nasosono-power equipment. That type of a drainage is applied to drainage of liftovy mines and other deeply located rooms, in cottage construction actually is not used.

– Soaking-up wells. Are effective only in certain criteria when under a water-bearing layer dry soil with factor of a filtration not less than 6 meters a day takes place. In most cases this type of a drainage is used for this purpose to take away excess of water from the water-bearing horizons which are lying nearby to a surface.

Drainage systems. Ordering and device
– Water giving wells with compulsory pumping. Represent wells of meter depth in what excess of water collects. Its removal from a well is carried out by means of the mechanism, being started by the poplavkovy switch. This type of drainage system is justified to use when flooding cellars of constructions if it is planned to use them only in the technical purposes. With placement there inhabited or representation rooms will interfere water removal mechanisms, well hatches and electronic cables.

Horizontal small stones can be open (the collectors which are water taking away channels) and closed (drainage pipes).

– Opened small stones. It is used for assignment of surpluses of water from lands of agricultural value.

– Closed small stones. It is extensively applied in city and suburban construction.

Drainage systems. Ordering and device
The combined drainage systems consist of soaking-up and water taking away wells together with horizontal pipes. Are used for protection against bogging of gardens and parks.

By efficiency though what type of a drainage can be perfect or nonideal, is dependent on that, water taking away elements of a design on a waterproof layer are placed or is not present.

On an arrangement of drainages in the plan distinguish linear (beam and ring), plane (wall and bedded) and the mixed options.

General structure.

No matter what drainage system consists from:

The water national teams and water taking away designs. Open ditches, porous pipes (drains), drains, trays concern them with lattices, local dozhdepriyemnik and pumps.

Capacities for collecting water. Usually, water receptions and absorbing wells are used, but ravines and natural reservoirs can serve in rural areas for this purpose.

Treatment facilities. These are filtering wells, trenches and fields of an underground filtration. In case of water pollution by a household waste the septic tank is applied.

Accessories, such as the viewing wells serving for supervision over functioning of drainage system, or rotary wells, for washing of the got littered pipes. Not including that, sand traps belong to auxiliary components, musorosbornik and ventilating designs.

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