Elegant sink with magic illumination of

Elegant sink with magic illumination of
Miniatyurizm in design of the sanitary equipment for bathrooms continues to progress. Now in the market it is possible to behold a large quantity of models of wall sinks in what not including bowls actually anything is not present, and the unique acting detail is the stylish mixer.

But the designer of Antonio Lupi decided to go still further and integrated the latest work, «Soffio» sink, directly into a wall. Finally before us there was an excellent, unique and superelegant design which as if grows from a wall, making with it a whole. For production of the new sanitary device it is used кориан that allows to reach Elegant sink with magic illumination of
full feeling of uniformity of a wall and the sink.

Smooth outlines of a product appropriate it indescribable grace, refinement and perfection of forms. When special illumination gets the idea, and the bowl of a sink is filled with magic bluish light, the Soffio model will be transformed to fantastichesy object from the future.

The novelty is armed with the stylish mixer, executed in the same minimalist design that increases the futuristic reminiscence made by a unique wall sink even more.

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