How to disassemble the crane in a bathroom

How to disassemble the crane in a bathroom
Much to us it is clear that, cranes are not durable and have property to break, eventually all of us need to repair or take them the new. Every year in the market to bathroom equipment there are more and more modern models of cranes, and often there is a question: «How to disassemble the crane in a bathroom?» In this article we will try is very developed to promote you with the solution of this difficulty.

As you saw, what in a bathroom or a toilet water from the crane starts to drip, in the head at once there is a question how to repair the crane in a bathroom or a toilet, and what to me for this purpose to be useful? Not all people go at once and receive the new crane, sometimes on it there is no time or means, the most part undertake repair of the already available. It is necessary for us for repair, to realize essence of difficulty, to know a design of the crane and as it understands. We recommend to make out to you carefully types of designs of mixers. Thanks to it, you with ease can understand system of a design of the crane and deal with discrepancy.

  • Spherical locks. The most popular look presently, has a form of a circle and a through opening through which under a pressure there passes water.
  • Konusnye. Very much it is occasionally used, the cone-shaped form having a trapezoid opening. Such cranes have the title conic or pith.
  • Cylindrical locks. Contain in itself some components, an iron lock cylinder-shaped, an epiploon, covers, the case, and in certain happen also pistons.

How to disassemble the crane in a bathroom
Presently, the most part receive one lever mixers. Their pluses consist in the subsequent:

  • Warm water starts to arrive after the 1st raising of the handle.
  • Water temperature does not change if to open the crane as well as in last time, water arrives under the same pressure and with the same temperature.
  • By means of the 1st lever it is possible to change a pressure and water temperature.

One lever mixers differ by two types: spherical and glinyany (cartridges). Like their example, you should analyse repair of cranes water.

Often meeting discrepancy which appears with mixers, it when from top or

the lower part of the case begins a leak water, the pressure of water becomes with interruptions, the crane is leaky locked, because of what water continuously drips. For the majority of repairs it is necessary to assort the crane, as and for course elimination. At first, we block water, and we begin analysis with a spherical design.

The image are specified all детакли the mixer and a dismantling order. Starts from lever removal. The six-sided key is necessary to us. Uberayem a plastic rivet also we turn off the screw by means of a shestigrannik and we clean the lever. Now it is possible to create carving connection in the form of a semicircle. On it there are four small holes. By means of a screw-driver and a hammer, we turn off carving connection counter-clockwise. It becomes so, we insert a screw-driver into a hole and we knock on it a hammer towards untwisting of carving connection a little.

How to disassemble the crane in a bathroom
Attention! When untwisting carving connection it is necessary to hold the crane, it can start to "go" here and there and this sasmy to destroy water hoses!

We start a detachment of a sealant which consists of 2 parts. We clean and check its condition. If it is worn-out, it is necessary to change. We take the sphere and as we survey it about integrity. In the presence of scratches and attritions, the sphere needs to be changed. Designs, it is visible to Snutri a sealant and the sealing springs which were behind them. These are the same details because of which there can be a crane course. We replace details with the new. And in a turnaround order we assemble the mixer. Repair is finished!

The cartridge changes absolutely, it is impossible to get separate details, all these defects of the kermachesky mixer. The cartridge in the crane is uniform an utroystvo which does not understand. On the basis of the most reliable brand, we want to suggest to analyse glinyany mixers. How to disassemble the ghore crane?

The brand of these cranes, long since already exists in the market and is known for much. Term of operation of cranes without the breakages, about 10 years. But because, something is not eternal, the crane after all can break, and independent repair causes huge difficulties which begin with that what to remove the handle behind which there are internal details, it is very difficult to remove. This discrepancy, as a result of that that the lever became attached to the case, and it is necessary to put mass of efforts for its detachment. If there is a plastic rivet, it needs to be cleaned, for this purpose to reach the screw holding a handle. By means of a six-sided key or a screw-driver, we turn off the screw and we try to disconnect a handle. A little rasshativay it. In case it is not possible to disconnect the lever, it is possible to knock round it with a hammer, to do it it is necessary as much as possible аккуратненько and through a piece of wood not to peel a crane surface. We undertake detachments of a decorative slip. After, we can create a nut holding a cartridge. We use a gayachny key for untwisting. Now it is possible to take a cartridge. Tools will not be useful to you for extraction. And here now, cartridge substitution in the crane is executed. That’s all, ended mixer repair, now we bring together him in a turnaround order.

Attention! The main reason bringing to malfunction кардтриджа is dirt and sand. To avoid breakage from for грязищи, to prolong operation term, it is necessary to establish the mechanical filter on pipes!

Well and if you asked a question how to change the crane in a bathroom, it is Lego to make. To Preobretayeta mixer necessary to you. Get rid from old, and on its place establish the new. But it happens so that the starenky mixer is established in a wall and its pipes are in a nutria, at the new crane, the length of fastening to pipes should be same as well as at old. If fastening to the old crane was from plastic, flexible pipes, simply remove them, check laying and attach to the acquired crane. Do not forget to use a tight podmotka, for sealing. Include water and make sure that you attached the crane reliably.

Now you in a condition without the aid of others to make crane repair in a bathroom. Thanks to it you will save the funds for acquisition of the new crane. Also it is not necessary to worry. Will learn it is possible most to do repair of cranes and other bathroom equipment, it is simple, after all the main thing in the this case desire! And it is indispensable after repair, make sure of that that all soyedenino properly and reliably to avoid smudges.

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