How to make a water supply system at a dacha by the hands

How to make a water supply system at a dacha by the hands
People adore to come on giving not only only for work therapy in a garden and in a kitchen garden, but also for rest on the freshest air. Both for that and for other purpose water supply system laying is simply necessary. In this article we will tell how to make a water supply system at a dacha.

Water supply system device

The water supply system consists of system of pipes on which water from a source (a well, a well or the centralized water supply system) in water folding points is transported. In case of well or well use, to system of a water supply system connect a water pressure head tank and the pump.

Choice of a source of water

Be dependent on a water source a water supply system can centralized and decentralized. the 1st option will suit you if nearby to your giving the centralized water supply system with a strong pressure of water already works. It is in that case quite easy to be connected to it, and water supply system laying at a dacha will be finished. But if as a source the well or a well serves, for pumping of water it will be necessary to get the pump. If your pump superficial, in other words that which establish on an earth surface, that pump does not manage to soak up water when depth of a well will make more than 8 meters. Also the pump can be pogruzhny — it establish specifically in a well or a well. In installation and service the submersible pump is simpler and comfortable.

Installation of a country water supply system — preliminary works

How to make a water supply system at a dacha by the hands
Beginning water supply system laying, it is necessary to make the exact scheme and to specify on it placement of all pipes, both on a site, and in the house. Such scheme of a water supply system will be useful to calculation of the necessary materials and installation. If you choose water supply system installation on giving underground type, this plan will give the help accurate placement of your pipes. Such information very much will help at their repair or substitution, also when building additional objects on a site.

Option of installation of a water pressure head tank

Installation of an accumulative tank for water at installation of a country water supply system will help to reduce wear of the pump. A water pressure head tank usually strengthen in very highest point of a country site. Before hit in house pipes water will start to fill an accumulative tank to a merit of the top mark. In that case the pump will get the idea only when falling water level in a tank to the bottom mark. From time to time заместо a water pressure head tank use the whole pump station. This design connects воединыжды the superficial pump and a small tank.

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