How truly to choose the mixer

How truly to choose the mixer
One of the most important and parts of a bathroom which povsevremenno are involved, the mixer is. Invariable replenishment of the market of bathroom equipment, gives us the huge range of a choice of mixers which differ from each other type, a form, a material from which it is made, design and the price. The mixers which are let out presently, cardinally differ from the taps which are let out during Russian time which povsevremenno заржавевалиэ, proceeded and with bolshushchy work gave in to repair. Mixers which let out for today, even more are greatly made, more durable and are more functional.

Their long duration in use and simplicity becomes the main requirement shown to mixers, in not dependences on their look. The mixer should be made so that its introduction did not cause difficulties even in malekhanky kids, and at control of cool and hot water there were no sharp temperature drops. Transition between modes from a shower in a sink and back, should not achieve special efforts and should not occur spontaneously.

How truly to choose the mixer
Good option will make separate mixers for a bathroom, sinks, soul and a bidet.

The separate mixer for a shower is necessary, if to a bathroom there is a shower booth, instead of a bath. In this case that type of the mixer малогабаритен, is comfortable and has no излива.

On the contrary, at the mixer for a bathroom having given vent, it is simply necessary. Often it happens 2 types: rotary and fixed. Also gives the chance to use a bathroom not only only for acceptance of the bath and for acceptance of a shower and to use it as a wash basin.

Standard apartments, and their most part, has in own basic complete set the combined mixers, both for shower acceptance, and for bath acceptance. That mixer has the crane, a shower watering can and a hose for a shower. Note three main types of the combined mixers: A manual shower, with the holder for a shower and the wall mixer.

Certain producers make mixers with pair of handles which do separate motivated problems. For example, by means of one handle it is possible to gather a bath, and by means of another to take a shower etc.

Before suspending own choice on any certain type of mixers, think of that place where you will strengthen it, roofing felts on a bathroom side, either on a wall or on a tiled side. There is a possibility to hide mixer fastening, it occurs during installation of technical parts in a wall.

Mixers which fasten to a wall, rigid connection with water pipes has. Temperature and a pressure of waters it is possible to regulate by means of the special lever. Having given vent to the mixer, happens direct and bent. In a gander of the mixer the aerator by means of which the accurate stream without брызгав is formed and which interferes with hit from pipes of foreign garbage and a scum is always built in. Such makary, the aerator does also filter function therefore it needs to be cleaned systematically from various mineral deposits or to change for the new.

How truly to choose the mixer
In a bathroom mixers with one handle which fastens on a side are often used, but there are cases when on mixers establish three handles. For example, one of handles is involving having given vent, which makes quick care of water of a sink surface, another, can serve drain set which opens and closes a drain opening of a sink.

In a bidet, the mixer to fasten on a side and has from 1st to three openings. It as build in a special aerator which makes change of the direction of a stream of water.

On own design feature, mixers can be carried to three types: dvukhventilny, one-lever and thermostats.

Let’s make out in more detail multipurpose and technical features of these mixers:

– the one-lever mixer – this look, represents the lever by means of which it is possible to change a pressure of water and its temperature. For an embodiment of adjustments in such type of the mixer, it is quite easy to raise the lever and to turn it in one or other party. This type of the mixer enough is simple at installation and does not ask special knowledge and abilities therefore everyone can put it.

– the dvukhventelny mixer – more widespread and for certain most popular type of the mixer. This type of the mixer is very economical in a consumption of water and gives the chance to establish very precisely the temperature necessary to you though at all this and it is necessary to apply more forces, regulating and arranging the gate that cool, hot water.

In mixers of dvukhventelny type for consolidation rubber laying or glinyany disks are used. Applicable for our water containing a bolshushchy large quantity of impurity and sand, specialists recommend to use rubber laying but as practice specifies glinyany disks is even more durable.

– the thermostat is a type of the mixer of the last generation. It represents the panel with an abundance of different handles, the certain function is intended to each of which. For example, one handle is responsible for inclusion and water shutdown, other handle is responsible for temperature adjustment. Options are set according to your wishes and remain the machine gun. In this type of the mixer water is blocked by the machine gun if its temperature surpasses 30 eight degrees that the machine gun excludes possibility of receiving a burn. The same occurs, if water becomes very cool, to it ability will overcool, at you will not be.

When you were absolutely caused from what subjects the mixer to you is necessary, the last пт on which should direct attention is a material from which the mixer is made. In the majority is a brass, chrome which are neutral to interaction with water. Even more reliably mixers from chrome also are more durable. But also models from the mixed materials, for example, brass which is enamelled by nickel meet also and.

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