Independent ditch

In recent years the quantity of suburban houses increased many times over. Many country houses grew to the fine mansions buried in verdure and rescuing them of owners from city noise and vanity. To such houses the overestimated demands are made to comfort.

The sewerage upclassing on a site appears one of the most severe troubles at all this. Hardly you will accept an ancient method which used in last century – a hole and "lodge" over it as this construction near the equipped house will look the completely unacceptable. Well and the house without modern methods of collecting and cleaning of sewage to call equipped it will not turn out.

Independent ditch
If your house is in the distance from the central sewerage, that a good choice for it will be an independent ditch. Unlike holes such device does not save, and clears sewage therefore you will be protected from pollution of the environment and problems by which introduction of unmodern methods is usually accompanied.

What after all such independent ditch?

It is difficult engineering system which will serve your house. She asks to for herself special attention at a choice and purchase because made once and duly, it for long and long years will provide a family with the highest level of comfort.

On what to direct attention at a choice and system purchase?

The independent ditch – not the car, in this case external shape and technical properties does not represent important enthusiasm. The most important requirement to that system – environment protection. Ability of system to execute municipal standards for pollution should be proved by the hygienic certificate. The sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion (with the neotklonimy indication of term of act and the enterprise which has issued the document) and the protocol of an independent assessment also will confirm compliance of the independent sewerage to municipal standards. Specifically these documents need to be studied at first, for this purpose to be sure absolutely of own choice.

Independent ditch
More basic condition upon purchase of the independent sewerage is the reputation of the company which realizes this equipment. What is the time it in the market, reviews of production of this company, whether exists in this company guarantee and postguarantee service, whether use its production a company system.

Careful research of all these data will help you to acquire rather high-quality equipment which will serve to you many years.

What to choose?

Obviously, the most usual method is an accumulative capacity. The truth it cannot be called the most cheap and it is exact – comfortable as it is necessary to clear this capacity with attraction of special equipment.

Cleaning by means of septic tanks too has low efficiency. In – 1-x, it clears water only half after that water goes down in soil. Pollution of the earth and ground waters will be a result of long-term work of that system slow, but after all. In – 2-x, does not eliminate you by contradiction aroma.

The most modern and most effective method for the real moment is a bio cleaning of sewage with extent of removal of pollution more than 95 %.

Pluses of the independent sewerage.

It is possible to refer durability to pluses of system (till 50 years), frost resistance (ability to maintain low temperatures), simplicity of installation (without special expensive equipment) and use possibility on all soil. Also compactness and not spoiling landscape external shape (after installation by the only thing that remains outside, there will be a technological hatch which can be disguised various methods), absolute density and environmental friendliness, profitability and ease in service and operation.

Whether you live in the house povsevremenno or happen only on days off, in what place there is your cottage, how many people in your family, what means have – all this will dictate you requirements to your independent sewerage. It is recommended to have nevertheless system of bio cleaning as having more pluses on comparison to the others.

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