Installation of the washing machine under a sink of

Installation of the washing machine under a sink of
Usually, in our apartments such planning that is very heavy to find from time to time a place to establish there the washing machine. And in most cases the washing machine establish in a bathroom to those, cleaning a sink.

And agree, if all of you life used a sink in a bathroom and also a curbstone under it, and later all this to clean that it will bring some discomfort. And you need time to get used to the newest planning of a bathroom. But there is also a solution of this difficulty, you establish those the washing machine and do not lose a sink in a bathroom. This decision is called sinks a water lily. Its appointment consists in installation over the washing machine. Also in it there are also constructive differences, from ordinary sinks. For example, its size is even more, than the sizes of ordinary sinks, and during too time sufficient for this purpose to close the washing machine.

One more feature of such sinks consists in an arrangement of a drain opening, it in them is placed with a wall that allows to connect a siphon to a sewer pipe outright. Also upon purchase of a sink it is necessary to know overall dimensions of the washing machine, it is necessary, for this purpose that the sink absolutely covered the washing machine, that without allowing water hit on the washing machine.

Installation of the washing machine under a sink of
All probably know that if water will get on the washing machine, it can lead to short circuit, and as a result of short circuit the washing machine will burn down, and still you also can be traumatized.

Modern sinks jugs have rubber furnish that actually nullifies casual залитье the washing machine.

Such sink quite easily is established. Difference from ordinary sinks – additional openings which are necessary for making for giving and water outflow.

Well and it is natural, the washing machine is obliged to have comparability to a sink. Allocate three types such sinks: small, average and huge. Respectively the washing machine is obliged to have certain dimensions Installation of the washing machine under a sink of
to be located under a sink. Is as well universal models.

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