Introduction of a polyethylene fitting

Polyethylene fitting lets out from cellophane of low pressure (or PND). They intend for installation of the polyethylene pipeline though what size or mission. They are diverse in a form, are extensively used in different engineering networks, gazo-and petrohighways, also irrigating systems. Introduction of a polyethylene fitting allows firmly and it is simple to join some parts of communications at once, to do branches of engineering networks, to change the direction of pipelines, to joint the bent sites of the highway with straight lines, to connect control and measuring devices. The highest functionality of system of the sewerage and water supply is provided with these stykovochny knots, at all this capacity and productivity are not lost.

The modern market offers different types of a polyethylene fitting. They differ on the multipurpose properties and durability. So, a cast or electrowelded fitting is used only once, kompressionny elements can be used repeatedly. To use a fitting for пнд pipes though what look it is possible as in networks which consist of parts of the 1st diameter, and for joining of pipes of a various diameter. Practice specifies that more reliable connection is provided with welded knots. Also electric welding simply joins measured pieces of pipes, does any branches of the highway, runs into the pipeline being under pressure, does the necessary branches of a network. Besides thanks to elektromuftovy welding substitution of worn-out sites of operating communications is facilitated. Electric welding can provide tight connection of pipes of PND stretched in starenky pipelines. By production of a fitting for PND pipes these products are equipped with special bar codes which can simply read out modern welding devices.

Polyethylene fitting has small weight therefore are comfortable in transportation. It is easy to lower, deliver them to a place of work and to unload. To plastic stykovochny knots moisture, temperature differences are not terrible, they are not subject to corrosion, on an internal surface limy deposits cannot be formed. Application of a polyethylene fitting admits highly effective modern pipelines, expedient and economically profitable.

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