It simply parable, instead of bath!

It simply parable, instead of bath!
Inventive and convenient inhabitants of the country of a rising sun do not cease to strike all other world with the futuristic development and new opening. The TOTO company being the favourite producer of bathroom equipment in the Country of a rising sun already many years, now presented completely the latest technology – the up-to-date material LUMINIST.

Outside the new unique material looks as opaque translucent glass, and at a tactile touch it is possible to feel its magnificently pleasant velvet. Besides the surface of LUMINIST does not absorb dirt and does not slide.

The Krepkost and thermal stability of a new material as differ tremendous quality. It simply parable, instead of bath!
LUMINIST are not terrible any external influences, it perfectly confronts to mechanical damages, simply transfers temperature to 360 °, on a material chips and трещинкы are not formed, and to scratch it actually not really. Thanks to unique qualities of the material LUMINIST of a sink and the baths made of it, will forever keep the initial properties and faultless external shape.

On certain indicators of LUMINIST it is identical with a glass surface since it perfectly passes light and enough прочен. Other properties do it similar on acryle as the material differs from Japanese developers in small weight and ease in leaving. Except this LUMINIST with furor it is possible to use as interior decisions. As the material is translucent, it can be highlighted from within, creating cool visual effect. It is possible to choose color and intensity of lighting at own will, every time to unrecognizability to change the magic atmosphere in own bathroom.

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