Mixers in black style – dark

are always elegant

The 1st place in the middle of flowers and the flowers, capable to give elegance, style and to allocate quite good taste belongs to black color. In particular, if the dark is used in a contrast combination to snow-white colorMixers in black style - dark
. Only present, as laconically and the mixer of dark opaque color against a white sink or a bath will attractively look!

Now the fashion on mixers of dark color quickly grows. And it not case. The dark opaque crane with sparkling, being poured as brilliants round handles of the The Persia Crystal model from «Rubinetteria Giulini» absolutely is suitable for a bath Mixers in black style - dark
issued as a glamour boudoir. The highest mixer of the Waza model from «Toto» will be very pertinent in a laconic interior of modernist style, and the Tara mixer from «Dornbracht» will perfectly be entered in a usual interior of a bathroom.

Naturally, the choice of mixers with furnish of dark color is not so great as the widest range of usual brilliant models of this sanitary equipment, but at desire, always pick up option suitable to your design plan can to be. Thus already now it is possible to get such mixers both for a magnificent bath, and for a stylish sink.

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