Polipropilenovye of a pipe of

Polipropilenovye of a pipe of
For today polipropilenovy pipes filled practically all consumer market. Their wide range of introduction and long service life made the business. Demand for polipropilenovy pipes so grew that surpassed all own water companions. They are used for all types of water supply and heating systems. At all this, it is better додерживаться than councils of producers.

Polipropilenovye pipes and fitting

Fitting serves as a connecting element for pipes. Happen to a carving and without it. In various producers they can differ nekordinalno. And as to filters and cranes, they go against a standard, because ввариваются to the pipeline. For turn or branch in system use squares and tees.

Requirements to installation

At installation polipropilenovy pipes are by all means checked on pollution and damages. Installation occurs at environment temperature not below 5 degrees. All elements of system laboriously protect from mechanical damages. Installation make an electrowelding element which does polyphase welding and has nozzles of various diameters. In application special scissors are also important. They, in turn, without troubles do резку pipes. After pipes by all means are sharp agnails and the remained shaving are removed. Before installation on the welding device the nozzle of a suitable diameter which has a teflon covering is established.

As installation of polipropilenovy pipes becomes

Polipropilenovye of a pipe of
For a start it is required to prepare the cut-off parts polipropilenovy тр уб the suitable sizes. Connecting a folgirovanny pipe, it is necessary to cut off an iron layer in the amount of occurrence of a pipe in a fitting. The end face of a pipe is smoothed out from agnails. A marker note depth of an entrance of a pipe in a fitting. Also consider that the final part of a pipe does not come against the stop. It is necessary, that there were no pass narrowings in an accustoming to drinking place. That there was an equal connection of a pipe with a fitting, a marker note a place of their soldering. At once getting a pipe and a fitting on the hot welding device, create a homogeneous seam. A detail at which a wall thicker, get the first. That there would be the high-quality connection, all elements are got densely. If it is unreal, it is better to change an element. Duration of heating of a pipe is in dependence from its diameter and changes pryamoproportsialno. After heating, details act in film from nozzles and incorporate, at all this beforehand made brands are considered. Connect details to a certain effort, but without turn between itself. Also, it is necessary to look, whether distortions are allowed. Time of hardening of connections about 20-30 seconds.


Advantage of these systems is the long-term service, they perfectly keep purity of water and its quality because materials are not toxic also resistant to chemical influences. In applications of polipropilenovy pipes no deposits and corrosion are created. Time on installation and spent funds for purchase of materials is saved. Pipes from plastic do not need painting. Their weight much less iron systems. Plastic pipes essentially save up heat at transportation of hot water.

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