Wash basin заместо atlas of

Wash basin заместо atlas of
You dream Foggy Albion, dream about muddy waters of the Thames, and having closed eyes, at once represent for yourself streets of London? Then the unique bagatelle made by the Ukrainian designer, precisely will be pleasant to you!

Now, specifically to study artful designs of English streets, it is not necessary to close eyes, even to get the atlas. Julia Kononenko gave a gift to all fans of England, having connected very unusual design to functionality. «Water Map» wash basin language does not turn to call only bathroom equipment. Quicker, this work of the modern art embodied in usual to us a subject.

Naturally, a basic element of creative bathroom equipment is the sink. It strikes with already chosen material. Acryle, санфаянс, кориан? About what you! Plywood and an interline interval – here of what is made this sink. On the other hand, we already наслышаны about wood bathroom equipment so this moment not so confuses. And here wash basin form … Yes, here the imagination of the designer obviously broke from a lead, after all, having inclined over a sink, we Wash basin заместо atlas of
instead of a bowl will see the card of the central part of London, neither it is more, nor it is less! According to Julia, it is a tribute to London as to the industrial small town, after all the 1st factories and manufactories appeared there in the XVIII century.

The main issue at all this: where in that sink water flows down? The designer yet did not open a secret, but we believe that time the population of the earth learned to turn back beds of the real rivers, such obvious discrepancy in any case has the decision.

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