Bathroom pipe; invisible hatches

Starting in the apartment repair, we wish, that the new interior looked absolutely – finely, comfortably, warmly. And so happens unpleasantly to look at rough squares of the hatches necessary for Bathroom pipe; invisible hatches
access to communications! We hurry to amuse all buyers – with new secret hatches from Praktika design production company it is possible to forget about that dilemma!

Tablet invisible hatches in – 1-x, provide access to all necessary knots of engineering systems of the house – for example, in bathrooms, in – 2-x, completely do not break harmony of interior design. Their vneshny party, in other words a cover, it is possible to paint, or to paste over with wall-paper which are created for furnish of walls of a room. And to establish that invisible hatch it is possible not only only on a wall and on a ceiling from gypsum cardboard. To open "Tablet" it will not be necessary to use special keys or acting handles – the cover of the hatch reveals in one easy pressing its surface. In the closed condition the door densely is fixed in frame grooves, absolutely merging with a wall surface.
Bathroom pipe; invisible hatches

The comfortable novelty in the various sizes and in 2 options of models is issued: "Corner" establish in partitions from gypsum cardboard in width to 12,5 mm, and the Box versatile person model intends for installation with fixing in a metalprofile of gipsokartonny partitions though what thickness. Not including that the second model of invisible hatches can be built in in a wall from concrete or all kladochny materials.

But more comfortable feature of a design of a novelty the special rubber profile, which предутверждает dust subsidence on perimeter of the covered hatch is additional. Besides in the course of final furnish on a box door, around a rotation axis, errors and chips as the frame of "Tablet" is armed slightly with a perceptible ledge «a clever gap» will not be created.

Cost of the secret Tablet hatch:
The size 200 x 200 of mm – 1070 rub;
Size 400 x 400-1460 of rub;
The size 600 x 600 of mm – 1800 rubles.

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