Sink + toilet bowl = pure esthetics and anything excessive

Sink + toilet bowl = pure esthetics and anything excessive
If earlier for interior design of a bathroom it was necessary to "run about" rather, looking for subjects of the equipment suitable on style, now this discrepancy absolutely "sank into oblivion". And all thanks to that many producers include in the beginning in the collections everything, the necessary subjects for a bathroom.

One of such "convenient" collections can call one of the last collections of the IDDIS brand – «Mirro» into which mixers and devices in the beginning entered, and at all so long ago the producer added it with an attractive wash basin and a toilet bowl compact. Sink + toilet bowl = pure esthetics and anything excessive
Thus the design of the new clay equipment was developed "throughout" to already available subjects of a collection, and continues the uniform line of equilibrium, "pure" modern design.

Both the toilet bowl, and a wash basin differ a serious look, without superfluous pretentiousness and without useless details. Direct strips in them harmoniously mix up with the approximated forms and the smooth glossy planes. Everything is maximum with comfort and very functionally.

Sink + toilet bowl = pure esthetics and anything excessive
For example, the small-sized wash basin from the Mirro collection is equipped with comfortable soap trays, has the small sizes and is executed in minimalistichesky style. Thus the bigger attention is enticed by an unusual form of its bowl – a slanted triangle, instead of the approximated capacity, as usual. The same it is possible to tell and about a small-sized toilet bowl, forms and which size allow to arrange comfortably it in a bathroom, having saved at all this a useful area of a room.

The brand new ceramics of "Mirro" is made of porcelain of the highest property, and the surface of products is covered with special Pearl Shine glaze thanks to which to the equipment pleasant gaping luster is provided.

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