Small start of

Small start of
We got used that water should arrive from above, and "leave" down. It is so got in the nature: the rain flows from the sky and is absorbed to the earth. It is so arranged and in our bathrooms: life-giving moisture streams from the crane or a shower and transiently goes to a drain opening. But what if to change an established order of things? Whether there will be it more comfortable?

The recognizable producer of bathroom equipment presented a novelty – system of filling of a bath on the base inlet type. This phrase it is possible to translate and as «a base, main opening», and as «an opening located at the basis». Yes, now water arrives in a bath not from above, and from below that has a number of advantages.

For example, at that water supply the razbryzgivaniye that the dry floor and spotless walls means always is excluded. Small start of
Plus the mixer in a bath the voobshchy is not becomes necessary! To what this sticking-out and eternally stirring crane, if water плавненько подымается from the bottom? Though a shower, perhaps, we will leave, without it nevertheless in any way.

At bath acceptance we quite often add water to make it warmer. The base inlet system submits warm water from below, on it it to a descent muffles up a body and evenly moves up, mixing up with already cooled down water. Also it is not necessary to stir specially! Full zen.

Baths with similar system of filling can be found in such collections as «Blue Moon», «Paiova», «Happy D.2» and many other.

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