Spotless work!

Spotless work!
Only a few years back phones with the touch screen were something very unusual and nice, and now they became norm of life and to find an ordinary push-button telephone, it is necessary to try still! The same it is possible to tell and about mixers – yes, the highest technologies reached and them, having made the most ordinary cranes touch.

Novelties from the Minta Touch series will amuse both fans of esthetic design, and people convenient, appreciating convenience and functionality of things. The main feature of new mixers for kitchen – the touch panel located in the highest part излива. It is enough to concern slightly with her elbow or a forearm that from the crane water poured down. Very useful innovation, after all during hand cooking quite often happen are soiled.

Naturally, there is a question, whether will scald hands кипяточек, after all the detector does not regulate water temperature. Designers took care and of it: at touch inclusion from «Minta Touch» there is only a cool water – it enough to rinse hands, and later to adjust warmth of a stream by means of the rotary crane. But if it Spotless work!
does not suit you, it is possible to get the Grohtherm Micro mini-thermostat which will maintain temperature some water at comfortable level.

By the way, the novelty not only only gets the idea one contact, but also saves up water: in Minta Touch mixers the stream of life-giving water will run low by itself in a minute after inclusion. Obviously, this function is adjusted.

Except a "tasty" technological interior mixers can повытрепываться and stylish, visible design. And the special covering of "StarLight" will force them to look absolutely new even in a couple of years.

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