Stylish mixers: distinguished style of the present

The collection of elegant bathroom equipment Strada which is let out by the Belgian manufacturing company Ideal Standard, replenished with a series of new mixers. The unique models of the new products which have entered into a ruler, are created for use in bathrooms, wash basins or shower installations.

Stylish mixers: distinguished style of the present
Distinctive feature of Ideal Standard Strada mixers is distinguished style and introduction in design of exact geometrical forms. Thanks to such qualitative combination, model of new mixers absolutely approach under the models of the sanitary equipment which are let out by the company, and introduce in a bathroom magnificent brisk design. Any brand new model presented in the Strada collection is an embodiment of unique simplicity, unsurpassed style and idea of "perpetual motion".
Stylish mixers: distinguished style of the present

As the management mechanism in new mixers the glinyany cartridges, uses differing to overestimated convenience, are established by the highest durability and long service life. All details of mixers are made of strong brass, and the surface of products is covered with a mirror brilliant layer.

To establish the new Strada mixer in a single bath, a sink or a bath incorporated with shower installation, does not represent special work as all models are equipped with necessary accessories and крепежами.

Collection of Strada Ideal Standard mixers – the best option for design of a bathroom in laconic, nice, modern style!

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