The cleverest shower

The cleverest shower
Our life is almost unreal to present for itself without that benefit of a civilization as a shower. Ablution under streams of water flying from above helps us to cheer up in the afternoon and to relax in the evening, but at all this borrows absolutely a little time. Though it is impossible to tell about a consumption of water of that, and fans поплескаться usually with grief look at the come accounts.

Obviously, nobody prohibits to save up water, switching off a shower, for example, during a namylivaniye. But it is awkward – water temperature can get off. And if the head in shampoo? To grope the crane with the closed eyes not so funny!

But the new shower of "Sshower" is deprived of such defects. The integrated sensors define, whether there are you under a shower The cleverest shower
at present, and the machine gun switch a water supply mode. In other words, if you are specifically under a watering can, water flow will flow from above, as usual. But it is necessary to you to recede it is sensitive aside as business will be entered by vertical nozzles with more economical system of dispersion. By the way, the shower "is so clever" that can even define temperature of your body and regulate water heating in coordination with it!

To chagrin, it while only the project, but agree, the similar novelty would use bolshushchy furor! After all, except other pluses, she promises to be besides very small-sized, and the expected color palette will allow it to be entered in though what interior.

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