The drop the sea saves up

To save up natural resources, carefully to treat that the nature gives us is the main problem of all population of the earth and each individual separately. We simply do not presume to be for ourselves prodigal, not from avidity, and proceeding from reasonings of common sense, after all supplies of the same drinking water which seem boundless, at some instant can terminate. Also that then we will do on a waterless planetka?

Here therefore scientists, inventors, engineers and even designers make all probable efforts to create economical projects, or the devices permitting economically to spend those or other natural resources.

The drop the sea saves up
The excellent decision was used when developing the latest model of the "economic" sink «Рonding». The thought of the optimum use of water in its system consists that used water first gets to the ordinary jug standing under a drain of a sink, and only then incorporates in sewer. Simply? By all means. But it is ingenious!

In a waste opening of a sink the special filter which partly clears water is established. If water fills a jug to edges, it will stream simply in sewer. And the water which has remained in a jug can be used for household house needs – the humidified cleaning, watering of flowers, washing of floors etc.

The trifle, but specifically develops of such trifles big economy of water in scales of a planetka.

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