The properties of iron pipes operating on their prices of

Pipes represent industrial special products from a round profile with invariable section, produce them as from different metals and alloys, concrete and ceramics, and from plastic or glass. They are used for transportation of the most different environments, and often meeting and effective material for production of pipes is steel of which do usually electrowelded or seamless iron designs. They are used in the most different innumerable areas and it is heavy to call even that sphere of introduction where such pipes iron would not be used. On a production method they happen hot-rolled, goryachekovanny, goryachedeformirovanny, goryachepressovanny, teplokatany, teplotyanuty, holodnokatany, cold-drawn and holodnodeformirovanny. They are classified also by the form a seam on electrowelded, seamless and soldering, by the form became in the main thing on brands 10, 20, 35, 45 and others.

Iron pipes specifically covered with zinc are used more quite often, after all steel it if not the strongest, one of the strongest production materials it is exact. Therefore such pipes are used in huge scales, both for the household purposes, and in the industry or in construction. The most popular and having a bigger range of introduction – specifically pipe which iron cost quite applicable also is in dependence from many technical characteristics, the sphere of introduction and from additional processings. The prices also depend on a form of section which happens round, rectangular, square, tear-shaped, roundish or plainly roundish. Pipes iron happen intended only for pipelines or only for other certain introduction, but also there are also universal introductions having the huge sphere.

Katany pipes are registered on strongest of such pipes wholly, they are seamless and become covered by a dusting of a layer of zinc and here therefore they still are called covered as zinc. Seamless designs are a single whole, and thanks to such special additional covering, other measures for protection against corrosion it is not required. Also iron special pipes do not demand a first coat and additional painting unless in a place of their connection. Bolshushchim demand also welded pipes now use, modern ways of welding do a welding seam of quite big durability which is not conceding to metal. Cost on such welded pipes depends as a whole on the sphere of introduction, a look and brand of the main material and from additional processings. Protective processing can be thermal or made when using nonmetallic materials of type bitumen, cement or paint. The pipe iron can have a different diameter, thickness and a section form that is dictated in the main thing by the introduction sphere, in other words for water supply one characteristics, and for heating, the sewerage, gas supply and construction others are used.

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