The tamed shower watering can

All new and new models of designs for acceptance of a shower are offered on tribunal of consumers by specialists of the best manufacturing companies of the sanitary equipment. High quality and stylish design are inherent in all declared novelties, but certain of them, for example model of a manual shower of Raindance Select E 120, own additional benefits and provide the overestimated comfort of use.

In – 1-x, the brand new shower watering can of the Raindance Select E 120 model connects in itself two different types of a shower: in one mode you receive the wide directed stream of water, in other – the myagenky weakening massage which is carried out through a large quantity of nozzles, located on all surface of a shower disk. In – 2-x, in the latest manual watering can there is the 3rd type of a stream by means of which it is possible to make effective massage of a body. The third advantage of the device is convenience of its use as for transition to different operating modes it is enough одногThe tamed shower watering can
about pressing the Select button located directly under a hand, on the watering can case.

External registration of a manual shower of Raindance Select E 120 is executed in 2 options – with absolutely brilliant surface and in a combination of a brilliant and snow-white part. Not including that the watering can can be applied as a detail of the real shower equipment, in a compartment with a soap tray and a bar of wall installation.

Cost of a manual shower of Raindance Select E 120 is completely available to a wide range of consumers and makes 2760 rubles.

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