Upclassing of a room of a bathroom

Repair in the house – always occupation long and difficult that is quite often connected with temporary inconveniences in a life.
The construction dust, materials, tools and mess – the main signs of that at you at home passes repair. In particular a basic step of polgy repair, an upclassing of multipurpose rooms – kitchens, a bathroom and a toilet. And, if a temporary kitchen placement on time of repair ruin, it is possible to adapt sleeping or a drawing room, a room of a bathroom more difficult to change.

Therefore, starting planned repair, it is necessary to begin with it from a toilet and a bathroom. It is simpler, if both these rooms are combined. the combined bathroom finish, as one room therefore repair will pass them essentially more quickly.
From all tasks put at updating or arrangement of rooms in such room, – substitution and toilet bowl installation – perhaps, leaves on the 1st plan on the importance. After it is already possible to be engaged in furnish of walls and a floor, installation of a bathroom and a washing sink.

From finishing types of a material for a toilet and a bathroom, ceramics introduction will be most practical. Greatly the tile laying in rooms of a bathroom will be strong and waterproof, also the water least subject to influence.
For ceiling furnish in such rooms perfectly to use a plastic siding or it is simple to paint a rovnenky concrete ceiling a vodoemulsionka. For originality of design design, it is possible to use also a metalwork from gypsum cardboard if atop to cover with a waterproof and moisture-proof material.
For such rooms as a toilet, a bathroom, kitchen or a balcony it is necessary to use stronger, reliable and resistant materials of furnish.
At a choice of materials and furniture always it is necessary to consider not only only external properties and personal preferences and the area and a form of a room, feature of planning.

The furniture for a bathroom and a toilet is most ideal for receiving from the PVC dense plastic or an artificial stone.
It would be least convenient to lay out a floor materials from a tree or to paste over toilet walls with wall-paper.
And how the toilet bowl, a bath and a wash basin is established, and furnish of a room is finished, it is possible to start an interior ornament, room arrangement by household accessories and decor subjects.

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