Upclassing of the suburban house. Dry closets – the 2nd part

Upclassing of the suburban house. Dry closets - the 2nd part
Modern dry closets perfectly are suitable for the suburban house. Unlike ordinary giving, the house is more intended for joint rest with friends or relatives. You only present for itself: the nature, trees, florets, a smell light up, shish kebabs and a laughter of your dear people. All this very much pulls together, in particular when a yard careful, well-groomed and owners benevolent. Well, and if you are going to live in the suburban house, the place of the best on light is not present! In – 1-x, it always the non-polluting territory, absence of foreign excessive noise and exhaust gases from cars. And very suitable situation for observance of healthy lifestyle.

Unlike the city apartment, in your personal house there will be no neighbors. And essentially that you on the site, can design to yourselves the pool, fountains, architecture monuments to make the whole landscaping. The important role is played also by house furnish. In most cases, it is accompanied with material application from different breeds of trees. The vagonka – very usual in use and not expensive for this purpose will approach. If you have a wood house, it is possible to use panels from the same material which can be semicircular or flat. Internal furnish of the house asks not only only design thoughts and offers on warming. And the main thing that these two concepts were combined, and was fine, comfortable and warm at once.

Upclassing of the suburban house. Dry closets - the 2nd part
Most the last – decorative furnish, it will include plaster, painting of walls or a pokleyka of wall-paper. The suburban house can be converted in though what style various options of European-quality repair where at furnish gypsum cardboard which is applied in apartments is used, for example, are at present known. And the main advantage of modern houses and difference from their starenky are energy saving technologies. Houses should be not by all means constructed in the form of a rectangle, them build in the form of a cube more. At all this the glazing of all South side is recommended, the hotel and kitchen there should settle down. From North side where the zastekleniye are less, clothes and different economic rooms take place.

But the most important how to do without that necessary adaptation, as dry closets. They can be divided into two categories. To the first small comfortable toilets, treat with traficability. the 2nd are stationary dry closets. Cassette garden toilets represent a design combined from 2 parts. Bottom – it is created for a congestion of a waste.

Choosing itself a dry closet, it is necessary to direct attention to tank volume, the it is more, the more rare it will be necessary to clean it. But remember, whatever tank was, it is required to clear a toilet twice a month. If the volume of a tank makes to 13 l., that in this case it is calculated on 30 times, if 20л. – on 50 times. Certain producers write to summaries average time of filling of a tank at the rate on the 1st person. But not запамятовывайте and about weight of the filled toilet. Because. A tank on 20л. the tank on 13л weighs 25кг, and. – approximately 15кг. Neotklonimym is existence of the indicator of filling which helps to realize, when the tank full, at all this can find extent of filling. Critical loading, on a country dry closet, is in dependence from a material of which it is made. And the valve of pressure provides a usual devastation of a dry closet which interferes with a razbryzgivaniye. The sizes of a toilet for giving should be bolshenny, and comfortable for your use. Upon purchase, inspect washout which will clasp the huge area of the toilet. It is better to choose dry closets with oboyestoronny washout.

It is necessary to tell that dry closets share on some different types. Any of them – a chemical toilet. In them special chemical waters, for dissolution of the goods of activity are used. The structure of these consistences blocks reproduction of microbes and opposite smells. The chemical dry closet consists of 2 parts. Top – sitting and a pomp, bottom it is presented by tight capacity. Activity products, getting to the lower part, are split and deodorized.

Upclassing of the suburban house. Dry closets - the 2nd part
Such toilets are very comfortable on own design, they lungs in transportation. After all 5 kg weigh only. Moreover, a consumption of chemical water absolutely small, but costs for it povsevremenno are necessary.

Other type of a dry closet – peat, is intended for garden toilets. It also consists of 2 parts. In a tank which is low, place the necessary amount of peat. Thanks to it, there is a good fertilizer for the earth. For this purpose, to liberate a dry closet from the activity goods, it is necessary by means of the valve and handles to transfer the lower part of a toilet to an emission place. This dry closet has no disgusting aroma, it can be emptied less often and unlike a chemical toilet, this – ecologically spotless.

The bacteriological toilet, also comes into structure of garden dry closets. As a result of processing of the waste, the opposite smell is absolutely eliminated, and the processed waste, is used in the form of fertilizers. That dry closet very successful for dachas.

The most magnificent and fascinating type of dry closets – electronic. By means of it, a watery and firm waste separates from each other. Firm – together with paper are pressed, and watery flow away in a ditch. The truth to use it it is possible where is installed electrical equipment and there is this magic of equipment not cheap.

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