Water for life 14

Very much almost everything is in dependence from a water depth. It is usually considered to be that if water is on depth more than 12 meters, the organization of a well is irrational. For an ordinary well it is possible to use and submersible pumps though the superficial are more often used. But it is necessary to hold in the head that the superficial pump can raise water on height of 8 meters. To dig out and equip a traditional well time and severe labor expenses will be necessary. With Abyssinian everything is simpler, it is possible to equip it in some hours. If, naturally, the soil allows.

Water for life 14

Fig. 1. Superficial pump.

If it is necessary to use a water source all the year round, special measures be required. It is necessary to organize pump knot which should be warmed. It is necessary to take care and of that the water supply system did not freeze. From time to time that well it is possible to arrange directly in a house cellar, then it will be simpler to equip it. It in particular is justified, when in a cellar arrange an Abyssinian well. Right there also the water preparation knot usually takes place. Yes, water preparation is required more unprofitable, both division into a techno and drinking in this case is more burning.
The main difference of well water from artesian, is a great opportunity for emergence of bio pollution. And here, chemical can be and it is not so burning. How to correct chemical composition of water we already we know, considered in last articles. Ordinary filters hardly will turn out to master biology. No, it is naturally possible to put the filter which will destroy all organisms, for example with оксибензолами, but a question in, whether such water will be harmless for the person?

Water for life 14

Fig. 2. Principle turnaround осмоса.

For disinfecting of water UF of a lamp or installation turnaround осмоса are now used. Turnaround осмос, it is process of use of membranes, can even nano which allow to receive actually distilled water. Without considering method costs, it has also the next defect, an exit at its finest small, on comparison to water which goes to a ditch. In our case, this waste it is completely possible guide at technical needs. Naturally, the mineralization can limit us.
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