Water for life 15

As it was already noted in previous article, when using process turnaround осмоса there is many waste. And if receiving only drinking water is our task, all the rejected water would go to a ditch. We presented that this waste can be completely applied to technical needs. In fact, installation for turnaround осмоса includes also additional processes. And we will have a look, as they can be used correctly.

Water for life 15

Fig. 1. Installation turnaround осмоса.

Conditionally modern installation for the apartment and the house can be divided into three parts. the 1st part, is ordinary filters for us. Truly, for what to subject to expensive processing water with impurity which it is all the same necessary to delete? In other words, we do preparatory cleaning. It has two consequences. the 1st, at us will be reduced quantity of a waste. And the 2nd, degree of a mineralization of water which gets to a waste, will be lower. And it is excellent, means, it is completely applicable for technical needs.
There is a block turnaround осмоса after which we receive actually distilled water further. Here we will stop. Such water perfectly is suitable for filling of system of water heating. Chemical activity of that water will be small, and it means that our system of heating will work firmly, and without additional maintenance.
But here, to drink such water and it is not tasty, and it is not useful. Therefore, the 3rd block of installation, is the mineralization block. We add demanded salts, and in demanded quantity to receive useful and tasty water.

Water for life 15

Fig. 2. System of water heating.

It was possible to arrive simply, to clear water to drinking standard, and to use it for all needs. It is clear that it would be more expensive, and in certain cases and is the least excellent. In comments to previous article remembered butilirovanny water. And it prepare approximately as. Clear to level of the distilled water, and add mineral additives later. So in our case, quality of water will be exact not more awfully. And I suspect, what even it is better. After all in the same place the general creation, and it asks fall of costs, is frequent to the detriment of quality.
Continuation follows …

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