Water for life 17

At the very beginning of this series of articles, it was noted, as rain water can be a source. Thus, for watering of the same kitchen garden it used since old times. Actually in each rural house there was a barrel where from a roof rain water gathered. To collect water it is even simpler, than to drag it from a well or from the river. In villages then even simple water supply systems were a rarity. About its property. So after all a rain and so by all means got on a precipitation so new that method did not add anything.

Water for life 17

Fig. 1. System of collecting rain water.

But it is possible to approach to this question and in a different way. From modern positions, speech, at first, goes not about collecting rain water for watering. Modern requirements to comfort mean the company of the storm sewerage. It is a right approach, emergence of pools and other comfort do not add. And, not including that, can negatively influence a design of the house and other domestic constructions. In other words, we collect such water for ensuring comfort, but anybody does not stir us its introduction further. Though, introduction of rain water neotklonimy is not. There should be a pragmatic approach, it can be economy, and can be and ecology.
Naturally, before introduction such water asks preparations. With function of rough cleaning usually совладевает system of the rain sewerage. It is foliage, small garbage, sand and other. For this purpose serve both capacities of collecting rain water, and a lattice, and from time to time even filters of rough cleaning which are provided by such systems.

Water for life 17

Fig. 2. Ultra-violet disinfecting of water.

Chemical cleaning of water too, usually, does not represent difficulty. All chemical rains and other, could meet in a past, and are now so rare that can be carried to mythology. Perhaps, not in all regions. The biology will be the main discrepancy for that water. We are already familiar with turnaround osmosy which can solve such to the dely. But there is also another which can be useful and to technical water. This introduction of disinfecting of water by means of an ultraviolet. Installation rather small-sized, establish it before water supply in a water supply system.
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