Water for life 2

With sources of water which we can use, we understood previous article. Now we will try to divide use types. After all simply abstract water, and specifically such which in the best way is suitable for the solution of certain tasks is necessary to us not. Even if to be limited to concept spotless water, it will be not only only is not exact and it is not correct.

Water for life 2

Fig. 1. Drinking water cleaning.

Let’s begin with that drinking water is necessary to us. In principle such concept too is not absolutely exact. It is possible to take water though from a pool, to filter it, later still to boil, and in principle such water can be drunk it is rather harmless. Whether only there will be it the best option? No, we even can make the distilled water, it is necessary улетучить initial raw materials, and after pairs to cool, let even something such as the samogonny device. But such water useful too you will not call.
Other type of water, is water for household needs. In fact, such water is better for dividing into two various groups. One business when we that water will wash a floor or the dishes, and absolutely another when such water is used for watering. Truly, if when watering water contains a certain quantity of organic chemistry, for example, river or, it is absolutely good, additional fertilizer. And here, if with that water to wash a light floor, you approximately will see a result which hardly will satisfy you. Such water can be exposed and additional processing, but about it later.
Single question when water is used for special systems. For example, water heating can be that system. Water can be heated to the highest temperature, and it means that Wednesday will be more brutal, than an ordinary water supply system. At temperature increase oxidizing processes are accelerated. And it means that difficulties with the equipment can begin. Even if you have plastic pipes which are less subject to corrosion, there is still fitting, tanks and other.

Water for life 2

Fig. 2. System of water heating.

Even if we take water from the 1st source, it will be necessary for each group a personal approach. And if at us it is some sources, we still can choose, what source to use for a certain group.
Continuation follows …

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