Water for life 3

With sources we were caused. With groups of the use too. It is possible to run across to a reality. Let’s begin with the most usual and mass option. It will be the central water supply and drinking water. Mass this option will be because of that scheme of supply of our cities, at first apartment houses. Though to that system connect also naiblezhayshy cottage settlements. We a little will expand option, here we still will include independent systems of water supply of such settlements. It when is created system to a descent for all settlement, instead of for separate houses.

Water for life 3

Fig. 1. A water tower in the settlement.

However many said about bad water which arrives to our apartments, after all it should be noted that it is the most reliable source of drinking water. Matter in that, be this central water supply of the small town, or independent system of water supply of the settlement, quality of water should satisfy to sanitary standards. Yes, they can be broken, but for it it is necessary and to answer. Also there is no other source of water where quality would be checked with that frequency. In an ordinary mode of test of water undertake few times in day.
However, one business water preparation station, slightly another, water in our apartments. Still it is necessary to reach apartments, and these are pipelines. And such system should affect water characteristics. In particular, if it is system ancient. From corrosion on pipes not to get to anywhere. We do not consider cases when the pipeline is broken, and external pollutants can get to it, from the same sewerage. Let’s consider that such situations remained in the 90th when not that to work, serve pipelines nobody wished, even control was on not due level.

Water for life 3

Fig. 2. Filter of rough cleaning.

In general, at us and problems stand ordinary, it is necessary to clear waters of influence of pipelines. And it is the big weighed parts. The ordinary filter of rough cleaning usually suffices. It, by the way, is necessary not only only for this purpose that water received drinking standards. It will save also modern fittings. Modern glinyany cranes have no myagenky parts therefore, hit even malekhanky particles can break their working capacity.
Continuation follows …

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