Water for life 4

Very quite often it is possible to hear that without considering the filter of rough cleaning it is necessary to establish still the filter for additional cleaning of water, then it becomes drinking. It already sounded even in comments to this series of articles. Well it is possible to tell? Advertizing services of producers of different filters for water work perfectly! For certain, there were absolutely few our citizens who would not try such wonderful devices.

Water for life 4

Fig. 1. The household filter for water.

Once, still at first the 90th, I carried two such simple filters on check in SES. Me then confused, they had monotonous cases, and filters various, one was snow-white, and another black. In principle, the result was positive, water which left filters completely was entered in standards. Only the difference was designated also, it appeared that in water passed through the snow-white filter, the culture did not get accustomed, in other words it was completely possible to consider it antibacterial. In communication specialists explained to me that, most likely, the overestimated contents оксибензола in what the culture simply is live cannot to live in that water.
I told this history to that filters not simply clear water, they in it add additional substances. And it is absolutely not indispensable that quality of water then will raise. If to ask a question to the specialist, what filter will be better for water cleaning, you hardly receive the answer. The competent specialist himself will ask a question, and why you are going to clean water? Also it will be absolutely right. Introduction of the filter is justified only when water has the shortcoming, which this filter corrects. In all other cases the filter will be useless, and can be and is harmful.

Fig. 2. Station on production of drinking water.

Therefore before taking the filter, it is necessary to make water analysis, to find critical characteristics, and already later, for correction of a defect and to select the filter. For example, if at you through a water supply system the chlorinated water moves, it is possible to think over chlorine removal from it. It in particular is burning in the autumn when water blossoms therefore norms of supply of chlorine can be very bolshenny. Though, the same result can be reached usual upholding, in 1-2 hours chlorine it is weakened will evaporate.
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