Water for life 7

To drink hot water as we already learned, it is impossible. In fact, the situation is even more awful. Once I helped the chairman of the cooperative house to sign the contract with Vodokanal. And, naturally, set some questions to workers according to characteristics of hot water. Water in that house was not the most successful, it went from big combined heat and power plant therefore also waters were opposite color and a musty smell. To me here explained that this techno water and to drink it it is impossible. And here, my questions that we this water wash the dishes, well and we wash, and it completely can get to a mouth, some them puzzled. The answer was laconic, water hit in an organism unacceptably. But, as be in that situation they to me could not to explain.

Water for life 7

Fig. 1. Hot water supply.

In an apartment house you not enough that can change. Unless to be released from the central hot water supply, and to organize the own. But it will claim for resources, gas or the electric power. And permission to their introduction needs to be received still. Thus, to you can not give them not therefore that bureaucrats wish a bribe, or, it is simple for harm. In fact, such surpluses of resources simply can and not to be. Engineering networks at us are quite often overloaded, and resources which are consumed by an apartment house, are on a limit on a design step.
Nevertheless, even burning water, I do not speak about cool which should correspond to norms drinking, corresponds to norms of the technical. That does it completely harmless. BUT it in apartments. In houses, for example, to use hot water for kitchen garden watering I did not become. In – 1-x, it it is essential more expensively, in – 2-x, it is yet clear, as introduction of that water will be reflected in a crop.

Water for life 7

Fig. 2. A toilet bowl with a lattice.

While we have enough всераспространены, but already start to appear, special water supply systems for technical needs. It is separate system, water before giving in system passes processing. I on one object had to face that system. Water was dark blue color, the chemistry is obviously added. In the same place I saw also a special toilet bowl, with a lattice. It was intended for washing of rags and the rest.
Continuation follows …

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