Water for life 9

We dealt with quality of hot water. Let even water will be technical standard, it can be used for washing of a floor, ware or washing. Sanitary standards allow it to use and for reception of a bathroom or a shower. Yes, in this case we by all means will dilute it with cool water, in other words water of drinking property. And here, to drink such water, or to use it for manufacturing of food should it is recommended, and it is forbidden. So, let’s save up health and to follow councils of experts, in other words sanitary standards.

Fig. 1. Water heating.

But the techno water is used not only only for ware washing. So, it can be used and as the heat-carrier at water systems of heating. Here it is necessary to emphasize that if we have the central hot water supply, and heating at us centralized. Therefore, in system we cannot influence quality of water. We simply have no closed contour in our apartment. The system is designed to a descent on all apartment house. And any measures for its preparation, for the purpose of, for example, protection of pipes and radiators of system of heating, it is possible to use only for all house, instead of for the separate apartment. Therefore, it is necessary to reconcile to that you have.
In the personal house, and can also a townhouse, still there is one area of use of technical water. Introduction of hot water for watering will be irrational. Such water is more expensive, than cool, arriving on system of the central water supply. Therefore, expenses will be absolutely unjustified. Not including that, additional cleaning can be demanded. With cool water everything is simpler, though it is better to prepare it. At us still water chlorinate that can negatively affect our plants. Therefore, water is better for clearing of chlorine. And to make it it is possible simply upholding.

Water for life 9

Fig. 2. A tank for water.

If in that water the smallest organisms are got, such organic chemistry will be even on advantage. Only and here the measure if water blossoms is necessary, there will be more troubles, than utility. Therefore, such capacities are better for holding closed to limit sunlight hit.
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