Water purification and water preparation

Water purification and water preparation
Spotless water for health of the person has defining value. Quality of tap water quite often does not correspond to the necessary norms because of strong wear of system of water supply in what for many years of operation different impurity in the form of metals and a rust accumulated. These impurity are dissolved in drinking water and arrive to the consumer without cleaning. Therefore for the solution of this difficulty it is necessary to carry out water purification and water preparation which are focused on, better essentially to make quality of water, both in industrial criteria, and to the household.

Mission of water preparation and water purification

Water preparation represents water cleaning from inorganic and organic impurity, chemical parts and different harmful substances which are dissolved in water. At all this the cleared water not only only favorably influences health of the person and essentially lowers metal corrosion, interferes with emergence of a scum and as that in production criteria serves reduction of wear of the equipment.

Water purification and water preparation
Stages and types of water preparation

Stages of water preparation comprise:

  • clarification which consists in coagulation, upholding and filtering;
  • obessolivaniye which is led by means of an ionic exchange or distillation;
  • umyagcheny waters which consists at a distance rigidity.
  • removal of different gases and smells that essentially improves organoleptic characteristics of water.

Water preparation is divided into the subsequent types:

  • household, carried out in apartments, houses, administration premises. At all this use a purifayer (a drinking fontanchik), the household filter or a dispenser (cooler);
  • industrial which conduct at the big enterprises by means of high-efficiency installations and cleaning systems.

Before purging some water, it is necessary to make its analysis which will allow to pick up the scheme of cleaning necessary in each certain case. At carrying out water purification it is necessary to remove mechanical impurity first. It is carried out usually by means of filters to some steps, since filters of rough cleaning and evenly passing to filters of narrower cleaning. For removal of salts of manganese, iron, languid metals, sulfates and nitrates use filters with ought засыпками.

For liquidation of microbes it is possible to use ultra-violet flowing lamps. If it is necessary to remove different gases from water, in most cases it is hydrogen sulfide, use decontaminators. Such makary, using the various equipment it is possible to reach the highest property of water. The main thing at all this true to pick up the necessary filters for each certain option, being based on the carried-out water analysis.

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