Water supply system installation. We choose pipes of

The richness of the most various materials for installation of a water supply system and heating nonpluses sometimes even the experts who have tasted taste what here to say about personal builders which to have to face this discrepancy one, at most twice in life. Usually heating system and system of water supply was created with introduction of iron pipes, but during the current time metalplastic and polipropilenovy analogs use the increasing popularity. In what after all their advantages and if is what they have defects? Let’s carry out the comparative analysis of metalplastic, polipropilenovy and iron pipes.

At first metalplastic pipes entice seeming simplicity of installation for which the tool minimum is required. But during too time this fact plays into the hands of laymans which in large quantities offer the far not professional services. The same can be carried and to polipropilenovy pipes that it is impossible to tell about the iron. Now as to technical fig.

Water supply system installation. We choose pipes of
Metalplastic pipes are much stronger, than polyethylene and polipropilenovy pipes, but not as copper or iron. Expansion when heating is seven times lower, than at polipropilenovy pipes, but in 2,5 times surpasses this indicator at the iron. Metalplastic maintains is perceived huge temperature in comparison to polipropilenovy pipes, but temperature firmness of pipes from metal in times higher and simply is not subject to comparison.

Polipropilenovye and metalplastic pipes are not subject to impact of corrosion unlike iron analogs, but eventually their krepkost evenly goes down at the expense of wear process of inside layers. These pipes own enough the highest chemical firmness, but are subject to influence of oils and organic solvents.

Pipes from металопластика or propylene have fine elasticity that considerably simplifies installation process, but often excess of very admissible radius of a winding leads to so called "zalamyvaniye" of a pipe that, usually, breaks its integrity. To metal pipes for obvious reasons of that will not occur.

Water supply system installation. We choose pipes of
Metalplastic and polipropilenovy pipes own electro tightness, this quality is concrete let’s them use as grounding as use pipes from copper or steel. The small factor of heatconductivity protects pipes from formation of condensate, but for arrangement of a water heat-insulated floor it is better to use pipes from copper because at their heatloss incomparably it is more.

Well and in the conclusion it is necessary to see that polipropilenovy pipes stand much cheaper pipes from metalplastic, them extensively use for hot and cool water supply, also for creation of sewer systems. And here for heating metalplastic pipes are more reliable option. Iron pipes are suitable for all types of sanitary works, but their price, also the price of installation works is at more highest level.

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