We change toilet bowls and sinks

The main reasons which push to toilet bowl or sink substitution, their course, split or bad external shape which products receive over time are. Naturally, the best method to make repair to entrust it to experts. But as it is clear, repair costs means, and repair with hired workers, costs means doubly. Almost always, we change toilet bowls and sinks. There is an error that process of substitution is simple and does not ask any abilities as annoyingly it would not sound, it not so. For toilet bowl or sink substitution, it is necessary to face installation of system of the sewerage. It is necessary to consider esthetic nuance, activity products proceeding on the pipes, especially pleasant moments too will not present. But if means to address to specialists are not present, and it is necessary to do repair, we will make out substitution process.

We change a toilet bowl.
Before concrete process of installation, existence of all set of demanded details is necessary. Upon purchase of a new toilet bowl, in a set there is a hose, it is necessary to measure beforehand distance and to realize, it approaches or it is required to get another. Check existence гофры, fastening and system systems plum for a tank, plus can be useful дюбеля the various sizes, about what better take care too beforehand. All process begins with dismantle of an old product, after water shutdown, it is necessary to merge the remains from a tank and to disconnect a hose. Then the highest part (tank) is turned off and business remains for small, to clean a toilet bowl. Before installation of a new product, it is necessary to make stiffened, to have a look as there is a toilet bowl, whether approaches to a mouth. Then, it should be noted places for drilling of a fixing element and if everything meets, to start installation. Before installation it is necessary to collect a tank with system plum and to attach to a toilet bowl, further to put on гофру a mouth and to connect a hose, to start water and to check about course. The subsequent step, water incorporates and openings for fastening are drilled, is in case of need pressurized гофра, the toilet bowl is put on fastening and process is ended.

We change a sink.
Sink installation, process easier. By means of hydrolevel the label with the necessary height is drawn, openings in a wall are drilled and there fastenings are installed. The sink is established on fastenings, joins a pipe and is ready to use.

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