We establish a shower cabin

We establish a shower cabin
The shower cabin is not only only ordinary shower to which we got used. The shower cabin now is a comfortable place where it is possible to relax pleasantly, after labor day or a hot summer heat. Many models of booths are completed with an abundance of additional functions. Here to you and massage of feet, under listening of the loved melodies on FM – radio, it is possible to fill a bath and to luxuriate under a hydromassage at neon illumination. If you wait for a basic call – buy model which has possibility of connection of phone. Voobshchem, design of shower cabins can be the most various.

That all listed above function were in an efficient condition and granted you pleasure from procedure of acceptance of a shower, it is necessary to collect and connect a shower cabin truly. Though what aspect at assembly дожжен it is obligatory to be observed.

At installation and connection of a shower cabin, are made sanitary and electric installation work. Will take a shower offensively if because of incorrectly connected tube or a wire, one of functions in a shower cabin, it will not be simpleWe establish a shower cabin
to work.

Before starting to collect a shower cabin, it is necessary to make sure that a floor and walls – rovnenky. It is necessary for more dense prileganiye of a cabin to a wall. From level, at cabin installation, it is possible to level an insignificant deviation of a floor interlinear spiral legs and to fix them lock-nuts.

We establish a shower cabin
To avoid water course on connections and not to arrange a flood, all spiral and shlangovy connections should be perfectly tightened. Adjacent to a bath, an edge of glass shutters and walls and as a back wall with the control panel on connections should be processed by sanitary silicone, for prevention of course of water on connections.

Independent installation of a shower cabin it is probable, but it is not desirable. Experience in work with the sanitary equipment is required.

Better cabin installation (or a part of works) to entrust the expert. After final assembly and connection, assemblers will give a warranty period of service.

Having established a shower cabin, you not only only will restore health and liberate a lot of place in our rather small bathrooms.

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