With – broke … a bathroom!

With - broke … a bathroom!
Italian Carlo Dahl Byanko is not only only outstanding designer and the architect and the master of creation of a different home decoration who thanks to clearness and simplicity of own lines can as it is possible to show beauty of forms of created subjects better.

In own nedavneshny collection of bathroom equipment for a bathroom of "Warp" which he developed for the Rexa Design company the designer did not depart from own habits, having replaced the usual myagenky and approximated lines of models with broken lines and direct strips. Thanks to that unusual form all subjects look so, as if they are displayed with effect 3D.
With - broke … a bathroom!

Integrity of a surrounding picture turns out because of a wall tile which connects воединыжды all home decoration (a shower cabin, a bathroom, a sink, a toilet bowl and other elements) in a single whole. It is dependent on own desires and mood, it is possible to cover with a tile as all area of a room, and to fill with it a room partly. As a result, looking at the picture made by the hands, it is possible to note not only only the present of style but as to indulge in memoirs about last times.

For all bathroom equipment developers used that material as Corian® which is known for own magnificent resistance to pollution, simplicity in leaving, and that is important, possesses durability.

With - broke … a bathroom!
and With - broke … a bathroom!

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