Water for life 1

Even according to comments to the series first article it is possible to judge that many understand need of various extent of water preparation for the different purposes. Yes, it truly so, we will carefully make out this question. But that it is even more important, a choice of technology of water preparation, and even its need depend and on a water source, and they can be various. Here we also will begin with it.

Water for life 1

Fig. 1. A tank for collecting rain water.

The 1st source which we will make out, this central water supply. In small towns and suburbs it is quite usual and vserasprostranenny method of receiving water. We will look slightly more extensively. I had to meet in suburban cottage settlements local system of water supply. It when such system was organized not for each house separately, and for all settlement to a descent. Thus, the necessary standards of water are provided with the central station. Proceeding from belief of the consumer, it does not differ from system of water supply of the whole small town.
Further, we can receive water from open reservoirs. Even if there is a system to a descent for group of houses, we will allocate it. The matter is that in this case no water preparation usually becomes.
Very popularly now to have the well. And it has the reasons. Here we will distinguish wells from wells. Proceeding from belief of the following water preparation such sources have significant distinctions.
In that or other view from old times that natural source, as rain water is used. Thus, in certain regions it is actually unique. Fortunately, in our country of such regions it is not enough.
Many houses are now equipped with systems of the independent sewerage. On an exit we receive water, completely solid property. Therefore, in certain situations it can be used.

Water for life 1

Fig. 2. Independent ditch.

Any of these sources asks a personal approach to a water preparation question. And if still to remember, as we will use it for the various purposes, we have quite wide choice. In the subsequent article we will try to divide consumed water into groups which demand similar standard.
Continuation follows …

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