How to clean a zasor in the sewerage

How to clean a zasor in the sewerage
For this purpose to remove a sewer zasor, there are some methods:

А) A chemical method – a method when special means, such as "Mole", "Tiret", etc. are used.

Б) Mechanical – a method when use a cable fixed on a special cursor.

В) Hydrodynamic.

Г) Manual – a method which from mechanical differs that the cable in this case needs to be twisted hands, instead of by means of the motor.

Let’s direct the attention to more expedient method of removal of a zasor in the apartment, when a diameter of pipes of the sewerage no more than 100 mm, on a manual method. But we a little will combine it with chemical means.

At the first stage, it is necessary to find, what specifically a site we are going to clean. For this purpose under a siphon it is necessary to substitute a bucket, and to look, as through a siphon water flows down. If through a siphon passes badly, it is necessary to turn off the bottom cover of a siphon and to remove with means being near at hand all garbage from a siphon which became the zasor precondition. Then, we fasten a cover back and all: «Can use …».

It was the most usual method which needs to be made from time to time, you see it is very easy.

Let’s make out the next option when the essence of difficulty consists in sewer pipes which pass to a strut from sanitary devices.

In this situation there can be zasor of the 3rd types:

А) Operational – that zasor appears, when in the course of use in pipes different deposits are formed.

Б) Mechanical – this zasor can seem as a result of hit in pipes of different foreign subjects.

В) Technogenic – a zasor which arises at technology violation a system of works.

How to get rid of an operational zasor.

How to clean a zasor in the sewerage
The best method considered a zasypaniye of chemical preparations, to wait certain time which is designated on the summary to a product, and then to wash hot water. Perfectly совладевает with deposits on walls of pipes, and it it is most ideal to use that method for prevention. The most important, applying this option, not to forget about means of self-defense as the structure of these chemical preparations has the caustic rubbed – a product rather poisonous therefore it is better to secure itself against it, having put on rubber gloves and goggles.

Elimination of a mechanical zasor.

In this case chemical preparations are absolutely powerless. Here it is necessary to use the sanitary cable which one end falls to a pipe, povsevremenno turning it clockwise forces the way to that place where there is a zasor. Pulling out a cable from a pipe, it too is necessary for twisting only clockwise.

If the cable very much the long, for this purpose, that it was not braided in rings, it is necessary to pass through it a slice of a pipe which will prevent formation of rings. After the pipe is cleaned, in it it is necessary to pour out chemical preparations which will wash away the pipes which have remained on walls of adjournment.

Elimination of a technogenic zasor.

It is the most difficult case as after though what pro-cleaning we gain only temporary effect. The best method to master this situation, it absolutely to change pipes. Small council when you choose a new material for substitution, direct attention that it was modern and did not fear corrosion, possessed water-repellent qualities of PVC.

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